Monday, October 1, 2007

Moving to Denver

Over the past week I've been on the move from my job at Dynamic Concepts and life in Orange County, California to my new home in Littleton, Colorado.

After my last day at work on Friday I enjoyed a wonderful company party with co-workers and friends.

The next day I started my drive out to Colorado stopping in Tulare, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Zion National Park, UT, and Green River, UT. For anyone who hasn't been to Zion I would definitely recommend it. As you can see in the pictures from
the link above, the views are spectacular. There are also a ton of trails for hiking and viewing more of these beautiful canyons and their wildlife.

Now that I'm in Colorado I look forward to starting school at Daniels College of Business in September. I'm enrolled in a two year program to earn an International Masters of Business Administration.

It's been a great trip and the transition to my new life is just starting. Stayed tuned for more updates.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Enjoy Life

Many times I've given as an excuse for doing something (usually wild and crazy) the excuse that life is too short to let the opportunity pass us by. Looking back on it, life can certainly seem short; with little time to waste.

At other times, when we look at what's to come in our lives with great expectation, life seems to slow to a crawl.

Far too often I forget to enjoy each moment of life in and of itself; to stop worrying about what will and won't be possible in the future or what I've done in the past. These are difficult habits to break and I often need constant reminding.

For those of you that are like me and are always looking at the frontiers of your lives I write this as another reminder. Stop for a minute, take a look around, and appreciate your life for where you're at right now.

Enjoy Life

Monday, August 27, 2007


I come from a small town in California.  From there I went to UC Irvine to get a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics.  While a college student I spent one of the best years of my life in Grenoble, France.  It was a time of snowboarding, traveling, playing ultimate frisbee, and numerous adventures.

I was so excited about Europe and living abroad that I quickly finished my degree at UC Irvine and immediately joined the Army to be a paratrooper stationed in Italy.  After a few months in Georgia I started my tour in Vicenza, Italy.  Again, there were many adventures and training missions in Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria to name a few.  The biggest adventure was jumping into Northern Iraq as part of the Iraq Campaign in 2003.  However, after my three year tour of duty I was ready to move on to something else.

After a few months back with my family I found a job in Aliso Viejo, CA as a technical support engineer with Dynamic Concepts.  I enjoyed the small-company atmosphere and the Southern California weather.  With the opportunity to work on many different aspects I was most excited about developing custom eCommerce solutions for clients.  Near the end of my employ I was even starting to guide new developers in a team to do even bigger projects.

The urge to continue my education and be close to friends and family next led me out to Colorado to earn an International Masters in Business Administration at the Daniels College of Business in the University of Denver.  Colorado has been great and I'm once again finding adventures in the mountains, the community, and at school.