Friday, June 13, 2008

Of Rice and Wine

The day started late as we were allowed to sleep in on Friday. After a simple breakfast at the hotel, we were back on the bus heading down the mountain over the same bumpy road that we had gone over the night before. After a while we made it to the parking lot for an ancient mountain village of a minority population in China. Apparently China is made up of 56 different cultures with the Han people making up 90%. The culture we visited lived far up in the hills creating terraces for growing rice and corn.

After hiking around and learning more about the culture it was time to head back to Guilin. After another long bus ride we arrived back at the city. To show us their appreciation for putting up and being supportive during all of the delays over the past few days, our guides decided to take us out to dinner (instead of the free time that was scheduled). At a tea house in Guilin we had a meal that was made up entirely of dishes made with tea. To finish it off we had a bottle of wine made with local area flowers.

All in all, it was a long two days on the bus and some beautiful countryside. Still, I'm looking forward to traveling on to Shanghai tomorrow night.

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