Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shopping in Shanghai

Well, today was my first free day in Shanghai as the class that I was with ended last night. There was dinner, a group reflection where we each shared our reflections for the trip, and a slide show of some of the best photos. It's gone by very fast and I was surprised to see all that we have done over the past ten days. After dinner about a third of us went out to a bar near our hotel and enjoyed each others company before we had to go our separate ways.

This morning, it was nice to sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast without having to worry about getting on a bus to go somewhere. After breakfast I relaxed in my room until going out to market. There with my friends we haggled over the price of shirts, watches, and belts. It was the first time I haggled on the trip and I was very much out of practice. Good thing my friends were better at it. What's more, as a pair or in a group, we were able to get better prices.

After we were done there two of us tried our hand at the subway system in route to a silk market. While it was incredibly easy for us to use the subway and get to the right station, the directions we had for the silk market were wrong and we ended up spending our time walking the street. By the time we were in a cab to the market, most of the stalls were closed so we had to head back to the hotel.

Now we're getting ready to head out to dinner. I'm not sure how late we'll stay out since my friends have an early flight to Hong Kong. I got mine here and made it a little later so I'll meet up with them sometime tomorrow afternoon once I fly in. I've enjoyed Shanghai and I'm looking forward to Hong Kong, but I can tell I'm starting to miss home. As we're deciding where to go for dinner tonight, we don't want Chinese food again but can't decide where to go.

I'm sure we'll figure it out. There are plenty of choices here...for the right price.

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