Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This past week has been very busy and provided some much needed change in my life.  This is the first post of my new website which I've moved to recently.  The main reason I made the switch was to have more control of the site and provide a platform to show my professional work.

The reason for this was my decision last Friday to quit my internship that I had been going to for the past three months.  When I had first started I was excited to see how a large company worked and was impressed by the facilities.  However, I've come to realize that I prefer a smaller organization and even more prefer working for myself.

This site is then an opportunity to display the work that I've done in the past in an effort to promote my services both here in Denver and online.  Recently I've partnered with a local environment-friendly consulting company called RedmannMahoney.  I provide their clients with web development, eCommerce setup, domain management, and even international marketing advice.  I hope to expand this business in the coming months.

For the time being though I was excited to be leaving the cubicle world on Friday for a more flexible work schedule.  That night, Erin and I went to a Pioneer's hockey game with our friends Brian and Casey.  We've come to the conclusion that we really enjoy hockey and even enjoy college hockey over NHL.  There's just so much going on and the players are always so into the game.

Saturday found us enjoying a warm Fall twilight out in a corn maze.  It was near the end of the season, so the corn was dry and trampled in many places, so it wasn't very challenging to find our way in and out of the maze.  We had come prepared though with our mugs full of cider and tequila hot toddys.  We ended the night with a wonderful chili dinner at Erins' friends condo while we watched a football game.

On Sunday we continued the Autumn fun with a pumpkin carving party.  Erin and I learned that we both like to carve pumpkins, so we wanted to try something creatively ambitious.  With the election coming up we decided to carve Barack Obama's face into the side of the pumpkin.  Erin found a design online and two painstaking hours later we had our Barack-O-Lantern.  I like to think it was worth it.

Anyways, yesterday and today found me back to work on a mid-term for my International Political Economy class.

Next up for this week: A reporter for the school eDigest wants to write a student profile about me.  I'm helping organize a Q&A about international business in the field of sports management with a member of the US Olympic Committee.  Erin and I are celebrating Halloween!

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  1. You've brought us the end of Capitalism in the form of a pumpkin! (:
    Cassie and I had fun on Friday. Sorry I was so lame, but I was beat. This week isn't getting any better. Things should get back to normal towards the end of November though. Are you going to celebrate the big 30 on the 28th? [posted by: ]