Friday, October 31, 2008

Factory Wings

This project was a collaboration with a design company that the client was using to design their new store look.  The designers didn't have much experience with ProStores and the way it used templates and store-specific tags.  That's where I came in.

The designers and I started by discussing what was possible on each side and how far we could push the technology.  They then produced three compositions for the client.  Once they had decided on the comp they liked best I began translating the Photoshop images into XHTML and ProStores code. 

This has proved to be a good strategy of specialization as there are designers who have far more experience in creating visually effective designs than me while I'm able to leverage my years of experience in programming and eCommerce to guide the client.  While there was some delay on the design side the client was very happy with the whole experience.

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