Friday, October 31, 2008

Harbour House Crabs

After having done several ProStores eCommerce projects a client asked to have their old store upgraded so that it could be hosted on newer servers and gain the benefits of the latest software edition.  The problem was that when their former developers had tried to upgrade it in the past the store broke.  I was called in to find the best way to move the store into the new version.

After finding the code that was causing the store to fail when upgraded I set out a plan to fix that code, upgrade the store, and move it onto the newer server.  After the client agreed to the estimate, I delegated the project tasks to my small team of very-capable developers and we got started.

While the project lasted a little longer and incurred an additional cost than estimated due to some features that the client requested to be included we finished well before the busy holiday period for a satisified client.

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