Saturday, November 22, 2008

End of Fall Quarter and One Year Anniversary

The Fall Quarter has quickly come to an end as I plan for next quarter.  Two more quarters to go and I'll have my degree.  At times I think it can't come soon enough while at others I'm eager for my next set of classes.  I enjoyed both my classes this quarter and am proud to present what I learned in my political economy class on my site (The Flexibility of Capitalism and Evolution of Capitalism). 

With the finishing of these papers and a presentation in my other class with my team on Wednesday I have to say it wasn't exactly the way I wished to celebrate my birthday.  It just happens that my birthday often occurs during finals.  It was the same last year.  Fortunately, after our presentation my team and some more friends came out to enjoy some tequila to celebrate.  While I wasn't feeling my age that night, I certainly felt it the next day.

The fun continued Friday night as Erin and I celebrated a year of being together.  I had in mind a surprise for her.  As soon as she got up to my place we went out to our first dance lesson.  We had talked about learning to dance earlier and I found a studio nearby with a good introductory rate.  The lesson was a very interesting experience as we learned the basic steps of the Tango, Salsa, and Rumba.  It was very fun as the two of us worked with our very out-going instructor privately for about 40 minutes.  We have a group lesson the week after Thanksgiving to continue our instruction.

After dancing we went to Nono's Cafe towards Littleton where we had our first post-speed-dating date.  The food has always been good there and the staff of this mom-and-pop place are really friendly.  It was nice to come back and reminisce about how we met and how our first dates went.

The rest of this weekend has been a relaxing, sleeping-in, kind of lazy weekend that Erin and I tend to enjoy.  Soon enough there will be holidays to go to and then classes to study for, so its nice to lay back and enjoy this time while we have it.

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