Monday, November 10, 2008

Last ride of the season...and cookies!

It has been an interesting and diverse weekend starting last Thursday with an early Thanksgiving dinner.  Through the diligent work of friends completing a community betterment project the Association for International Management (AIM) and the Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) were able to share Thanksgiving with several international students that are new to America.  The event, held at Stick-e-Star, was a great success with many international students enjoying turkey and learning a little about the holiday.

Friday night was a relaxing movie night with Erin down in Castle Rock while Saturday was an exciting night out in Denver with my Army friends, Brian, Neil, and Jon.  While the night before made it difficult to get up the next day, I was back in action after noon to take the motorcycle out for one last ride before storing it away for the winter.  After a very cold ride up to Morrison for lunch with Erin we stored the cycle away hopefully ready for action next Spring.

Back home Erin and I found ourselves cooking chocolate chip cookies from a recipe she had gotten from one of her students.  The first batch didn't turn out all that great, but by the last sheet went into the oven I think we had it down (and subsequently lost our appetite for cookie dough and cookies).

This week is the last week of the Fall quarter for me so I've got papers to read, papers to write, and a presentation to prepare for finals next week.  I'm also continuing to develop my web development business by learning about AdSense and how to use it effectively in a site.

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