Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Buena Vista

This last week has been very much about celebrating with new and dear friends.  On Wednesday I left with Erin and her parents up to Buena Vista after a few delays.  We found a reasonably priced bed and breakfast up there called the Liar's Lodge.  As we got in we saw how beautiful the lodge was with a large, high-ceiling in the main room.  Driving around town brought us to a nice place for dinner called the Global Cafe.

The next day we woke to beautiful views of the surrounding collegiate mountains.  Though Erin and I hadn't slept well due to the heating in our room not working we were ready to get the day started.  After some geocaching, we drove over to Erin's brother-in-law's (Kevin) family's lodge nearby.  There we were greeted by the Butler family as we struggled to remember everyone's name.  The rest of the day was a mix of great food, wonderful conversations, walks in the country to see bighorn sheep, all types of games, and even a guitar recital that me and Kevin's dad put on.  It was all very fun though sometimes a bit overwhelming with all the people.

On Friday morning we had a chance to do a little more geocaching and hiking with some of the younger members of the Butler family.  It was fun watching them get excited about finding the little treasures.  That night, back in Denver, we went to watch "Four Christmases" with our friends, Brian and Cassie, who had just gotten back from Mexico.  It was a very funny movie that I would definitely recommend.

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