Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fun New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve was a blast this year.  Much more fun than I had last year.  The main reason was because I celebrated with Erin and my friends this year.  While we made plans rather late, the night turned out well.

We started out at Erin's parents where we celebrated some end-of-year traditions.  While I had never heard of these before I enjoyed them.  The first tradition was to write down on slips of paper the things that were bad about the previous year and then throw those in a fire.  The second tradition looks forward as we ate twelve grapes bringing good luck for the next year.

With these traditions finished it was time to celebrate an even older and more widely practiced New Year's Eve tradition: drinking with friends.  The rest of the night we spent with my friends Brian, Cassie, and Neil near Neil's condo at the glass house.  This included a beautiful view looking over Denver with the fireworks going of and dinner at Zengo.

Altogether it was a very fun night.

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