Monday, January 12, 2009

Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza

Last week I started classes for Winter quarter.  I'm taking Global Management, Global Strategy, and Multinational Finance.  I'm glad to finally be taking internationally-focused classes, but part of me just wants school to be over already.  Only six more months.

Wedding plans are going quickly too.  Erin and I already have a place and date for the wedding, a color theme (sunflowers set against a vibrant blue), a website which will have more information to come (, and a photographer picked out.  Our current joke is since we first met while speed dating we figured we should take a similar approach to wedding planning.

One of the best parts of this week was that I got a chance to see the Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza out at the National Western Association's annual stock show.  Each year the World Trade Center gets sponsors to support a dinner reception before the rodeo and this year I was able to score a ticket.  Along with the good networking experience with local business leaders, the rodeo was an exciting spectacle.

You can see pictures of the event here.  There were Mexican dancers, a mariachi band, bucking broncos, rodeo clowns, bull riding, sheep riding for the kids (hilarious), bull riding (one even went over a fence), rope/lasso art, and just when I thought there couldn't be more they had a pair of matadors face off against a bull (without hurting it).  All in all it was a really fun event.

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