Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Story

Our First Meeting 

Erin:  My friend Laura and I like to try different things and so I convinced her that she needed to try speed-dating.  I went anticipating that I would have some good stories to tell.  I really did not expect to meet someone that I would date seriously.  Everyone asks what the first impression of Myron was-  I just remember that I thought he was really cool and he talked a lot about snowboarding.  

Myron:  I was new to Denver and didn't know very many people.  I had never been speed dating before and thought it would be fun.  I met a lot of people that night, but what I remember about Erin was that we had a good connection and she had sexy legs.  We emailed shortly thereafter to set up a "real" date.

Our First Date 

Erin:  We went to NoNo's on our first date.  I really liked the fact that Myron picked the place and it was somewhere that I hadn't been before.  But what I remember most is that I would tell a story and then Myron would tell a story. He matched me story for story.  I love stories and storytellers- it was off to a beautiful beginning.  

Myron:  I had been to NoNo's once before and had really loved the service.  I knew Erin and I would be in good hands for our first date.  I hardly remember what we had to eat as we traded stories about living and traveling abroad, beautiful hikes we had done, and pretty much how our lives had led us to meet each other.

When We Fell in Love 

Erin:  See, this is one of the reasons I love the man- look at how romantic he is!  Anyway, it is hard to pinpoint the exact moment that I fell in love with him, but when I knew that I definitely loved Myron was when I saw the picture of him from high school hanging on the wall of his parents' home in Tulare.  The person that I met at age 29 had this great sense of adventure, had tattoos, jumped out of airplanes, had been in the army, and rode a motorcycle.  I was very drawn to him for those reasons.  But it was when I saw the picture of him with a goofy grin on his face and he told me he was President of MC squared in high school that I truly loved him.  I looked at the picture and saw my own nerdy high school self staring right back at me.  I was in love.   

Myron:  I believe it was on that same trip that I fell in love with Erin.  She had agreed to fly out to California with me and help me drive back my stuff to my new place in Denver.  As our plane was delayed several times and we missed the last flight out of Las Vegas, she remained calm and composed.  There wasn't any whining or complaining - she just took it in stride.  Throughout the trip, when things weren't going according to plan, she was able to see a way through.  It was then that I knew that whatever the difficulties we would face in this life, we would be stronger facing them together.  On the last night of the trip I told her how much I loved her and wanted to be with her.


The Proposal

Erin:  When Myron first brought up the idea of getting married over some drinks, I really was surprised-  mostly because we really hadn't talked about it before.  So began several conversations that are still ongoing about what our lives together would look like.  We were in the midst of one of these conversations at Le Central- this cute, romantic French restaurant.  I had asked Myron why he thought that people should get married.  He responded with the fact that he didn't think it was really about the marriage. For him, it was about the commitment that you are making to another person to be with them no matter what, to not turn your back on them.  I got all emotional at his answer and said that I had been asking a lot of difficult questions.  He said that he thought it was his turn but he only had one question:  Would I marry him?  It was perfect.  

Myron:  One thing I love about Erin is how in sync we are in are feelings about our life.  After that first talk about getting married we took a road trip down to Arizona where we discussed how we would live together.  I remember on more than one topic one of us would talk about what we envisioned for our lives and the other would talk about how closely that matched their vision.  After all the discussion there was only one more question in my mind.  After Erin said yes we enjoyed a delicious desert up on the 27th floor of the Hyatt in downtown Denver at a lounge called The Peak.  It was the perfect end to a beautiful night.


Our Future Together 

Erin:  I can't wait for our wedding, but what I really can't wait for- truly- is when Myron is the last person I say goodnight to and first person I say good morning to everyday.  If our relationship is any indication of what our marriage will be like, our life together will not be perfect- but there is no one I would rather be imperfect with.  

Myron:  When I think of our life together, what comes to my mind is that we're always going to have each other to lean on when times are rough.  Even better is that we'll have someone to share our adventures, joys and wonderful experiences with.  It's something I've sought for a long time and I'm glad to finally have found it with Erin.

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