Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Busy Week

Well, yesterday marked the end of another busy week for me (I measure my weeks from Monday to Sunday).  As work for clients slowed slightly, the majority of my time was spent working with my team in Global Strategy class. 

I like the class as it presents us with a simulation of running an international company and all of the aspects that go into that.  It required a lot of work last week as we prepared to present our "company" to venture capital investors (aka the class professor).  The presentation went well with only a few small issues, but that wasn't the end of it.  Following the presentation we entered into negotiations with the VC on how much they were going to invest and at what stock price per share of the company.  This culminated in emails passing back and forth between me (our team's designated negotiator) and the professor between the other activities of the weekend.

Erin and I started the weekend by Erin treating me to sushi Friday night.  We enjoyed dinner at the outstanding Sushi Den where I even met a friend from Daniels college behind the bar.  Erin and I were celebrating the unexpected news that I received in the mail recently.  The Army sent a certificate and orders that I was officially, honorably discharged from the Army.  I wasn't expecting this until April, but it's nice to know that I'm free of the Army now and have no more obligations to them.

After our delicious dinner we got up on Saturday for a leisurely breakfast.  The rest of the day was a mad dash from one activity to the next.  First my friend Andrew came over and we went out to lunch.  Then AIM was organizing a Girl Scout World Thinking Day where we were providing volunteers to teach the girls sports from around the world.  As the president of AIM I had been having trouble getting people to confirm their involvement in the event and so it fell on me to fill in the gaps by collecting up my backpack and teaching the girls about backpacking.

Unfortunately I forgot to pull out my camera, but pictures would have showed me working with groups of 15 to 20 girls for 15 minute intervals on what it meant to go backpacking.  It was very rewarding to teach them about the pack and then helping them set up a tent, but after 6 groups I was exhausted and hoarse.  I have a new-found appreciation for Erin and the teaching she does on a daily basis.

After the girl scout event we hurried back home as one of Erin's friend (who is also getting married) used my place as a dressing room to show her wedding dress to Erin and get her opinion.  It wasn't long until we headed back out to our friend's Brian and Cassie's place for a relaxing night of dinner and Cranium.  The food was again delicious and the game was hilarious, but by the end we were all ready to call it a day.

Sunday continued to be action-packed as Erin and I went over to Littleton to pick up my motorcycle from my aunt and uncle's place, take it for a ride through the foothills, and bring it back to my place.  It was then out to experience 5280 dining with Erin's friends Pete and Leah at The 9th Door downtown.  5280 is a week (or maybe two this year) where many high-scale restaurants offer a fixed-menu for $52.80 for two people.  The 9th Door provided us with a wonderful selection of tapas and we were soon stuffed and ready to go home.

Of course the free minutes of the weekend were used to continue planning our wedding and doing school work.  By now I'm looking forward to a little bit more relaxed week ahead.  Still, work is gearing back up and finals are just a few weeks away.  But at least finals can wait for another week.

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