Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun Weekend Before Finals

Last week was mostly spent studying so that I would have this past weekend free for fun with Erin and friends.  This started Friday night with a night out at Dazzle with our friends Brian, Cassie, and Neil.  The music and the drinks were good, but the best was talking with our friends and getting caught up on our busy lives.  Of course, the hangovers the next morning weren't all that much fun, but we got over them.

We had to as Erin and I went out to talk to an "inkstress" in Highlands who would help us with our wedding invitations.  Fortunately, since we already had a theme in mind the deliberations about what kind of style and colors went fairly quickly.  After that it was a quick lunch and a stop in to try cupcakes (which we're getting instead of the traditional cake).  While one of the cakes was definitely off somehow, the other one was delicious.  We have more bakers to see later this month, but it's nice to know we have someone to fall back on if need be.  We were then on our way up to the mountains to stay with Erin's friends, Pete and Leah.  They cooked us a wonderful dinner before we played a fun game of Pictionary.

Erin and Myron at KeystoneSince we knew we weren't going to be skiing/snowboarding long on Sunday we took our time getting ready in the morning.  We finally got on the hill at noon and enjoyed the mountain for the next three hours with more of our friends.  After a while the wind started to pick up and we decided to head back down.  In Keystone we again got the chance to enjoy our friends company over drinks.

Back at Pete & Leah's place we got dinner ready for them Sunday night.  We finished the day by watching "Religulous" by Bill Maher.  I though it was funny in several parts, but it pushed it's point a little far I think and had a little bit of the kind of hyperbole that is evident in Michael Moore films.

This morning we again got a late start and headed back to Denver.  Erin enjoyed having the day off from school as she looks towards having speech and debate tournaments that she'll be at for the next two weekends.  We spent a lot of the time planning our honeymoon this summer and making reservations.  It's going to be a great trip out to California, but it sure is taking a lot of preparation.  I think we'll both be happy when we're finally out there and we don't have to think about all this planning any more.  Until then, I've got bakers to contact, finals to finish, and websites to develop.

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