Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Classes, Snow Storm, and Samba Room

Well, it's been a busy week and an even busier weekend.  I started my last two classes this week.  The first, Governing Global Economics is interesting as we discuss the Multilateral Economic Institutions of the world (e.g. IMF, WTO, World Bank).  I'm excited to see how they relate to the current global economic crisis.  The other class is International Law (with a strong emphasis on business law) and it looks like it will dovetail nicely with the other class as we discuss cases regarding the legal side of things.

The challenge came this week when I went to pick up Erin and her friend Leah from the airport.  The news was reporting a heavy snow storm coming in, but as I drove out to the airport at 11am on Thursday it didn't seem to bad.  It wasn't until we started back that the roads piled up and the snow made it impossible to see more than 50 ft.  It had only taken 30 minutes to get out to the airport, but it took three hours to drop of Leah and get back home.  Fortunately we were in Erin's car which had a bit more traction.  You can see how my truck fared with the blizzard as I left it through the whole thing (this picture is from the following morning).

However, by Friday afternoon many of the roads were starting to clear up and Erin went out to try out a hairdresser/makeup artist that she was thinking of using for the wedding.  Since she was going to be all dolled up I decided to take her out to dinner at the Samba Room.  The food and the service was excellent and after the main course I had a surprise for her.  Our jeweler had been fixing Erin's engagement ring and constantly finding reasons to keep it.  The snow storm had even kept me from getting the ring from him on Thursday.  But then on Friday I was able to get it from him while Erin was at her hair appointment.  As I gave it to her after dinner it was like proposing all over again as she was so happy and excited.  We finished the night at our favorite vodka bar just up the street.

The rest of this weekend has been filled with wedding preparations.  First cupcake tasting yesterday and the full meal tasting today.  I was very happy with both places we went to this weekend and as we had some delicious food Erin and I looked forward to our wedding.

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  1. YEAH!!!! Erin has her ring! Congrats to you both...hope it's like brand new but with all of the sentimental value still intact.

    Shawna [posted by: Shawna]