Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easters

Well, the last two weeks have been very busy.  It seems like many of the weekends that Erin and I share these days are taken up by wedding planning.  Last week we went to our fourth and final cupcake tasting.  We've gotten to try a lot of cake, but scheduling and going to all of these places was one of our more drawn-out decisions.  We're happy to have chosen the Colorado Rose Cake Company to make our cupcakes with the flavors of chocolate with chocolate ganache frosting, butter pecan with a buttermilk frosting, and amaretto with buttermilk frosting. 

Fortunately our invitations were much easier and we finalized our decisions on those last week as well.  This weekend we were at it again as my best man, Brian, and I went to view tuxes.  Fortunately we were prepared with the bridesmaid's dress and my tux so that everything went very smoothly.  I just hope it goes as smoothly when we all go to pick them up.

Amongst all the wedding planning though was a lot of good food and good times with family over Easter.  Erin and I were lucky to experience two Easters this year starting at my aunt and uncle's in Littleton.  It was wonderful to see my aunt and uncle and share in their hospitality with my aunt's family.  The joy continued as Erin and I went to her parents and experienced all the food and family again.  By the end of the day we were both stuffed and needed to walk off all the food. 

I'm glad that we're lucky enough to have such caring families and that we're able to share this time with them.

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