Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well, it's been very busy these past two weeks, mostly with celebrations.  First there was Erin's celebration with her friends who had finished teaching another year of high school.  That same weekend we took a very nice walk along Bear Creek in Lakewood followed by a very lucky find. 

I found a Chinese food place near where we were walking, but at 8pm as we pulled into the parking lot Erin was looking pretty skeptical (with a bar/pool hall on one side and tattoo parlor on the other).  However, when we got inside Erin saw on the menu a dish that she remembered loving when she was younger (sesame pockets) and explained that the place that served it had gone out of business.  We really enjoyed the meal and as we were leaving Erin took another look at the sign (Golden Plate II) and exclaimed that the place she had gone to before was titled, "Golden Plate."  We followed up our fortuitous discovery with a movie completing an all-around good night.

I spent most of the rest of last week finishing up papers for classes and preparing for my one final.  But those didn't keep me from flying out to California for my friend's wedding.  It was a crazy, fun weekend as I got to see my friends.  Erin had her own wedding reception to go to over the weekend so we were able to compare notes for our own wedding when we got back together on Sunday.  With a final push Sunday night I also finished my papers finishing that class the following morning.

With the completion of the final for my other class last night I was done.  My friends Brian and Neil and I went out to celebrate downtown.  It was a good night as we also scoped out potential night clubs for the bachelor party in a few weeks.  The busyness just seemed to continue this morning as we got up, had breakfast, and Brian and I got our tuxes for our respective commendation ceremonies.

It feels nice to have classes over after the work of the past two years.  I don't know if I've felt true relief though as there are many other things to plan now.  I think Erin feels the same way.  We're both looking forward to the time when we can relax without needing to make more plans...at least for a while.

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