Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moving and Preparing for the Big Day

The past two weeks seem like they've flown by.  The week after I graduated Erin's friend Stefanie was staying with her so we spent a lot of time hanging out and hiking.  She joined us as we got our marriage license at the Castle Rock city hall.  We were surprised at how easy it was for us to get married.  Erin and I each filled out a one-page form and then we gave them $10.  In Colorado you can marry yourselves, so all we have to do now is sign the license and give it back to them for us to be married.

The big event of last weekend was moving in to Erin's condo in Castle Rock.  My friends Brian and Andres helped us as we packed up all of my stuff and drove it here in our trucks.  For some time Erin and I have realized that we have too much stuff and we've been spending a lot of time going through everything and seeing what we can sell or give away.  There's still a lot of boxes and things to organize, but we're getting there.

As for the wedding, there always seems to be something that still needs to be done.  From the music selection to place cards indicating where people should sit, there are plenty of details to keep us busy.  Still, I took a break from it last night to celebrate my bachelor party with my friends.  It was a good time with a lot of drinking involved, but I'm glad we did it this weekend so I have a week to recover before the wedding.

The big day is almost here and we're both really looking forward to it.

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