Monday, July 6, 2009

Wedding, Fireworks, and More!

What an amazing and hectic past two weeks it has been.  Last weekend I got married to my love, Erin.  After all the planning and preparation the weekend went off perfectly with the weather cooperating and everything falling into place.  Friday we had our rehearsal, welcome dinner for our friends and family from out of town, and a ceremony with sparklers in the meadow.  Saturday was the big day with great weather and a wonderful occasion to see so many great people.  On Sunday we recuperated from all the partying with breakfast in bed and massages down by the river before joining a few of our guests for a hike.

While our official photographer is still working on the photos of the event, many people took their own photos and have shared them online:

This past week, Erin and I have had some time to get used to living as husband and wife as we continue to clean and organize our home together.  There have been several nights where we have been able to eat dinner out on the porch as we enjoy the evening air.  It has been very busy to as we have prepared for our honeymoon.

Still, we have had some time to enjoy the company of friends and family.  For the 4th of July Erin's parents came to our place so we could cook some dinner for them and light off fireworks together.  The night included a delicious apple crumble that Erin made and some spectacular fireworks set off in the skies over Castle Rock.

Today, as we've finished preparing for our trip it has at times astounded us that we'll be travelling for three whole weeks.  We have a lot planned and I'm sure it will be a great adventure.  We'll be taking pictures and I'll be updating this blog as frequently as I can depending on where we have internet service.

First up: Hanging Lake hike and Two Rivers Chateau in Grand Junction and then off to Moab, UT.  Stay tuned...

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