Saturday, August 29, 2009

Botanical Gardens Concert

Last weekend was busy as Erin and I were seeing people every night.  On Friday night we met a colleague of mine from a previous job.  He treated us to dinner at a local Mexican food place since he lives just a few miles south of us and wanted to congratulate us for getting married.  I really enjoyed the food and it was nice to catch up.  I think it will be nice to go down to Monument and see him and his girlfriend for dinner again when we get the chance.

On Saturday we had planned to have our friends Brian, Cassie, and Neil down for dinner as they have had us over for dinner so many times.  It took some time to prepare all the food and make sure that the place was all cleaned up, but we all had a great time.  I hope we can do it again in a month or two and maybe even make a habit out of it.  I think I was finally getting the hang of the Balderdash game we were playing and want to have another shot at it.

On Sunday, Erin's parents treated us to a concert at Denver's Botanical Garden.  All summer long the Garden has had bands playing on weekend evenings while people come out to picnic and listen.  They've also had an exhibit theme of dinosaurs throughout the Garden.  For our picnic/concert we listened to Los Lonely Boys and Los Lobos.  While it was very crowded as people tried to find good spots on the lawn around the arena, we were able to find a level spot that wasn't too far away.  It was very fun to have our picnic, talk, and listen to the music under the warm sunset sky.  In between sets we even got a chance to roam the garden and admire the plants and exhibits.

All in all it was a very social weekend.  It was a fun time, but now this weekend we're taking a much more relaxed pace.  I'm sure it won't be long though when we're out eating with someone else.

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