Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boulder Wedding

Erin and I went to our first wedding since being married this past weekend.  It was for Erin's friend Alison.  It was interesting to attend a wedding together that wasn't our own.  On our way up to the rehearsal dinner in Boulder we were able to play with our new phones (okay, I played - she drove).  We then had appetizers and a nice dinner at the Boulder Brewing Company.  While we didn't know too many people there we got to know a lot of them after a while.  Still, we were feeling a little bit on our own as the patio grew dark and Erin worried about how she would read the toast she had prepared.  I suggested that she could use one of the candles at our table.

It was then that the funniest thing of the entire weekend happened.  Realizing that the candle wouldn't provide enough light, Erin placed it back down on the table and tried to tilt the paper to catch what little light was outside to see.  After a moment or two she asked, "Do you smell something burning?"  As she lifted her head we realized that it was, in fact, her hair that was burning.  She quickly patted it out and you couldn't see any hair on fire, but the damage was done.  What's more, the stench was terrible.  We looked at each other and instantly started laughing.

The rest of the evening went by without incident.  After a great deal of laughing between the two of us and a trip to the bathroom for Erin to wash her hair, the night finished without further incident.  There were several nice (and some funny) things said about the couple before Erin and I made our way back to our hotel for a dip in the jacuzzi.  The next day we met up with the group and all got on shuttles up to Sunrise Amphitheater above Boulder.  The views were beautiful with several hawks circling the sky.  The ceremony was similarly beautiful and showed the unique creativity of Alison, Matt, and their friends and family.

The reception followed back down in Boulder at The Rembrandt Yard, an art studio on 13th street.  It was a nice place for the reception with several pieces of art decorating the walls.  After a delicious dinner Erin and I drove back down to Castle Rock.  Another busy weekend.

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