Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day to Day Stuff

Erin and I often joke about how the main reason for this blog is so that when we're old and our memory goes it will be the only way for us to remember what happened.  The thing is, sometimes I even forget to write and then can't remember what we did even two weeks ago.  So here's my best stab at what we've been up to (mainly gathered from what's still on my calendar):

The last week of August found me in the doctor's office for a regular checkup with everything checking out well.  Later in the week Erin and I met with an accountant to see if we needed his help with taxes now that we're married.  While he was very informative (and talkative) I don't think we actually make enough money right now to need his services (or afford them).  That weekend Erin and I had a nice day downtown as we went to the Tattered Cover and enjoyed a glass of wine in the Highlands.  That weekend also gave us an opportunity to get out on the motorcycle and ride around the countryside.

Last weekend Erin and her girlfriends went up to Vail for a jazz festival.  She really enjoyed seeing the Black Eyed Peas and being with her friends.  While I spent most of that time at home I went out several nights with my friends as well.  It was fun to spend time with our friends and on Sunday when Erin got back it was nice to be back together.

For this past week I've been dog sitting for my aunt and uncle.  They have a very nice dog that has a lot of energy and goes crazy sometimes around other dogs.  It's been good going up to see her each day and take her out for walks.  Since I only see her in the afternoons it has given Erin and I the opportunity to go out each night this weekend.  On Saturday we went out to watch a movie ("The Proposal") and have dinner with our friend's Brian and Cassie.  This night we went over to Erin's parents for a wonderful Lemon Chicken Picatta dinner.

So that's the last few weeks in a nutshell.  Hopefully I'll remember to keep up with the blog so it doesn't go so long.

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