Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kart Racing, IMAX, and Pottery Painting

This past weekend was an exciting one for Erin and I as we did a diversity of activities.  Friday, after Erin got off work, we went over to the Union for happy hour - which is turning out to be a low-cost ritual for our Friday afternoons.  That evening we played a board game while eating apple pie and drinking port.  It was a very enjoyable experience that Erin had set up and shared with me.

On Saturday we went to celebrate our friend Andres' birthday out at the Centennial Track.  There we all got suited up with helmets, gloves, and overalls before climbing into karts for some racing around the .8 mile track.  While we only got to race for about 10 minutes it was fun.  After the race we hung out a bit with Andres and the rest of his friends before going over to Erin's parent's house for dinner.

Erin's sister Amy was in town preparing to defend her thesis on Monday, so we went to see her and visit with Erin's parents.  They took us all out to this authentic Mexican restaurant called "El Paraiso" in North-West Denver.  Unlike the typical tacos and burritos this place had a wide variety of traditional Mexican dishes.  The food turned out to be good and with generous portions.  There was also a mariachi band playing adding to the atmosphere.

More fun came later in the weekend as Erin and I went downtown to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to watch an IMAX show.  Being located in city park, the museum's location gave us a chance to have a nice walk around the park before our show started.  We watched a show called "Wild Ocean" about an aquatic feeding frenzy that happens off the coast of South Africa each year.  It was amazing being immersed in the underwater action the way that an IMAX movie provides.

After the show we went to Ceramics in the City where we got to pick out a piece of pottery to paint.  After a long deliberation we settled on salt and pepper shakers along with a common theme of nature.  We both had a really good time as we painted our designs on our shakers.  We finally finished and gave the shakers to the attendant to be glazed and fired.  We're looking forward to seeing how they turn out next week.

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