Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Black Hawk and Parents

It's been a busy past two weeks.  After a great weekend of friends and family Erin treated me to a night up at Black Hawk for some gambling and relaxation.  Since she had the day off on Monday we went up on Sunday taking the motorcycle up through Golden.  Though it was a cold ride we were able to warm up once we got to our spacious room at the Ameristar.  After getting cleaned up we had a delicious dinner and then went to do some gambling.  It was fun to play some blackjack and roulette, but after a while we had run through half of what we wanted to spend.  I then went to play some poker while Erin went back to the room.  Again it was fun to play some poker, but I didn't end up winning very much.  I've certainly gotten my fill of gambling for awhile and I have my wonderful wife to thank for that.

The next day we rode back down the mountain.  We stopped just outside of Golden on 6th Avenue for a hike up the hills that we had seen people on the day before.  Erin was convinced that there was a trail that went up and around the mountain.  However, after scrambling up the hillside on a poorly maintained trail we found something a little different.  It was an old aqueduct that people had been using as a trail.  Some parts of it included a cement barrier with a long drop off the side, while other parts just had a few boards over the dry canal.  It was exciting, but a little worrisome in parts.  After our hike we had a delicious lunch in old town Golden and then rode home.

The following weekend my parents arrived as part of their current road trip.  Though they had some trouble getting here in between our crazy weather, the late season snow didn't cause too many difficulties.  It was wonderful to see them and spend time with them.  We had several delicious meals together including one at my aunt and uncle's place and a few that I fixed up.  It also gave my dad and I some time to work on the engineering program that we've been developing over the past couple of months.  It's likely to be the last time we get to see my parents until we come back for a visit next summer.

This past weekend has been relatively quiet with a school party that Erin and I went to on Friday and Erin's book club on Sunday.  During these past two weeks we've been on a roller-coaster ride in regards to selling Erin's condo.  We have gotten offers and backup offers that later fall through and every day seems to bring something different.  We're still hoping something will work out, but will adapt if we need to rent the place while were away.  In the mean time we'll continue to enjoy Colorado, our friends and our family.

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