Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dinner Parties and a Colonoscopy

This month started out with a delicious meal at the Vesta Dipping Grill downtown with the main company I work for, Redmann Mahoney.  Shawna and Mike treated us to a wonderful experience as a late holiday party.  It was very heartening to enjoy their company despite the difficult time they've been through (click here to login and read their blog).  The whole evening was really fun as we got to meet the latest addition to the company, Dan, and talk about such a wide variety of topics while enjoying an equally wide variety of dipping sauces.

The next night we were out again as I joined Erin at a school banquet honoring some of the kids in the Speech & Debate club she coaches with her friend Janice.  The bbq was delicious and it was interesting to see some of the kids performing speeches.  Later, on Friday we joined some of the other Speech & Debate coaches from the region in sharing a drink with Janice as she celebrated her last year of coaching (and subsequently much more weekend free-time next year).

Friday night also turned out to be the night of our monthly supper club.  We had a very delicious and extravagant dinner at Venic√© Ristorant√© with our large group.  It was good to see everyone and talk about all of our exciting plans for the Summer.

Mother's day found us with Erin's parents in celebration.  The day started early as Erin's dad, Mike, had cooked a delicious breakfast for all of us.  Our presentation of a pink lemonade plant to Erin's mom, Susie, started a round of backyard work as we found a nice place to plant it and helped with cutting up part of their deck to be used as planters.  Before long though we were out of the house, first to see a nest of owls near Mike & Susie's house, and then later on a hike in the foothills.  Erin and I had remembered a hike at Mt. Falcon we had been on with some great views and nice gazebos for eating lunch.  Unfortunately we had been thinking of the west side of the park, not the east side of the park where we started.  That side required a long steep climb up a very sunny side to get to the area Erin and I remembered.  After a while it became evident that it was just too much and we headed back to have lunch at the base before getting some drinks at a trading post nearby.  Altogether it was a very fun day.

Unfortunately, all of these good times have been somewhat tempered by a current flare-up with my ulcerative colitis.  By Tuesday it became severe enough to warrant a trip to the doctor who prescribed steroids and scheduled a colonoscopy for Thursday.  While I've had both before, neither is fun (mainly due to their side effects / requirements).  Even for someone who is as fiercely independent as me it was very comforting for me to have Erin there after the procedure to pick me up (though I doubt she liked seeing me hooked up on the table as I was).  And while both the malady and its repercussions are troubling it is not so much as to keep me from living life.

Thus Friday night found Erin and I out again as we traveled through the heavy rain up to Genesee for a wedding of two of her former students.  The weather had certainly thrown a wrench in the new couple's wedding plans, but they still seemed overjoyed to be getting married regardless.  I was just happy to be eating solid foods again!

Unfortunately we couldn't stay late as Erin had to catch an early flight the next morning.  Getting up at 4:20am on Saturday I took her to the airport so she could fly out to Wisconsin.  Erin and her sister were surprising their brother who was graduating and their mom who's birthday was on Sunday and who were all out in Madison to celebrate.  Apparently the whole family was very surprised and the weekend went great.  You can see pictures here.

As for me I stayed in Denver having a delicious dinner with Reynold and Janet on Saturday and working on Sunday.  Erin and I are still up in the air as far as selling the condo goes, but with Erin finishing school next week and plans for travel the following two weekends, that seems to be lower on the list of concerns.  Looking back it's been a busy month with no signs of slowing down until sometime in June.  I hope to have some time to keep everyone updated before then.

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