Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back to Work

Erin and I have been back in Colorado for the past week and it has been a busy week.  Each day I have been going to my aunt and uncle's place in Littleton to look after their dog, Smokie.  Smokie is a nice dog to look after and has been eager to see me each day.  We've been on several walks, but I've still been able to do work while at Littleton including preparing for a webinar for one of my clients.  Erin and I also had a chance to have a delicious meal at our friend Andres' house.

Erin and I have also been busy with preparations for our move to Taiwan.  This week we're sending in our applications for our Taiwanese visas and preparing for a garage sale this weekend.  It seems there are a million more things that we need to do to get ready and still enjoy summer, so I'll leave this as a shorter post and get back to work.

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