Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last days in Denver

While our time in Las Vegas, NM last week gave Erin and I a chance to catch up on some work we were glad to get back to Denver on Friday.  We had even had a nice trip out to Taos, NM last Wednesday, but even as we crossed the border into Colorado and had lunch in Trinidad it felt good to be back in the state.  It helped that our destination was my aunt and uncle's place before taking us out to dinner at Nono's.  It was nice being able to have dinner with them at the same place where we had first had dinner together when Erin and I were dating.

Saturday night, after spending the day back at Erin's parent's place, we were back out on the town meeting our friends for dinner at the 9th Door.  The tapas there were delicious and it was good spending time talking with our friends.  After dinner we walked over to The Red Square, a vodka bar, for some drinks.  More friends met us there for some very tasty vodka.  It was really nice getting a chance to see everyone.  By the end though we were very tired as we walked back to the hotel room we had rented for the night.

On Sunday night Erin's parents treated us to dinner at Sushi Den which was delicious as always.  We are very appreciative of all the help and advice they have given us during this time of transition.  This whole move would have been much more difficult without them.

By Tuesday night we were out again; this time with our supper club at The Wash Park Grill.  The food was good and the company great as always, but the parting was sad as we realized we won't be able to go to one of these dinners again for a year.

Of course it hasn't all been delicious dinners with family and friends.  Our days have been filled with the last minute details of leaving:  Packing, shipping, closing accounts, changing addresses, selling our stuff, and a million other little things.  While we know we will be very busy when we get to Taiwan I feel like I will sigh in relief when we make it onto the plane on Thursday with everything done.  Well, hopefully everything...

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  1. So sad that you're leaving so soon! I bet it will feel good to get everything done and be on that plane, though... [posted by: Amy]