Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tattoo, Ceremony, and New Mexico

For our first anniversary Erin and I decided to skip the traditional gift route (1st year is paper apparently) and went with something edgier.  And while our anniversary was last month, we've finally had some time to get each other's gifts.  So last week we went in to the motorcycle shop where I got her a full-face helmet.  I had also gotten her a necklace earlier, but I think the helmet goes much better with the theme of ths story.  That's because we also went up to Boulder so Erin could get me a tattoo.  I had already sketched out the design and decided where it should go (on my side), they just needed to ink it in.  While there wasn't an artist available when we first went in they were able to schedule us for Saturday.  Though it wasn't my first tattoo the whole experience was as interesting as ever and a glimpse into a very different culture than we're accustomed to.

That night we shifted gears from the tattoo parlor to the roof of the Denver Art Museum as Erin was officiating a ceremony for our friends Rachel and Cameron.  It was a very beautiful ceremony that Erin delivered very well.  It was also very interesting to meet Rachel's and Cameron's families and get more of a sense of where each of them came from.  Of course there were many of the things you would find at a wedding: good food, fun dancing, and many tissues damp with tears of joy.  I'm glad Erin and I could take part in the festivities.

This week as our departure for Taiwan looms large we find ourselves in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Apart from the temperature it bears very little resemblance to the city in Nevada bearing the same name.  We're here for a conference Erin is attending in a nearby college which will hopefully better prepare her for the classes she will be teaching this coming year.  It has also finally given me a chance to catch up on some programming work that I've needed to do.  Still, there's not much to do here and I think we'll both be happy to be heading back to Colorado tomorrow.

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