Saturday, January 22, 2011

British Consulate Residence and Tainan 10K

2011 is starting out as a busy year.  Both Erin and I have been busy at work even going in during the past few weekends.  That didn't stop us from seeing more of Kaohsiung last weekend as we took the subway to the harbor and walked up to see the former British Consulate Residence.  The residence has a nice colonial style and we were able to enjoy some lunch while overlooking the harbor.  It was a nice break after working so much.

Even better was being able to get out of town and go to Tainan this weekend.  One of the teachers at our school had planned for a group of us to compete in the Tainan marathon.  I say "compete", but in fact Erin and I were there just to walk the 10K and enjoy the city.  We took some trains up to the city Saturday afternoon giving us a little time to check into our hotel and see a temple before going out to dinner at a Greek restaurant.  Though not the best Greek food it was still good and we enjoyed the opportunity.  Later that night we walked over to some nearby towers which were, in fact, temples to the God of Literature built on top of the foundations of an old Dutch fort.  It looked very nice at night and we decided to go back again the next day.

On Sunday we were up very early to make it to the race which started at 6am.  Though we just wanted to walk and enjoy the sights it was clear that everyone else was there to run and compete.  The energy in the air (and the supposed 90 minute time limit for the 10K) prompted us to do some jogging to finish the course in just over an hour and a half. 

After getting cleaned up and getting some breakfast we made a brief trip to the Literature Museum before getting on a train back to Kaohsiung.  While we had our doubts Saturday night about getting up so early to participate I'm glad we did.  Now back in Kaohsiung our legs are sore and I'm sure we'll feel it tomorrow.  Still, if we keep to Erin's New Year's Resolution of 10,000 steps for four days each week we may just be ready for another one in March.  Hopefully one that starts a little bit later so we can get some rest!

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