Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vancouver, BC

For our first night in Vancouver we had dinner at Chambar.  I believe it was the best dinner we had in town and was a great way to celebrate our anniversary.  The next day, we started our tour of Vancouver riding up to the top of the Vancouver Lookout Tower which gave us a 360 degree view of the city.  We then dug into the history of Gastown with a mystery tour of the area.  We had clues to follow throughout the old area of Vancouver.  It was very fun and we solved the mystery, though we didn't win because we missed a bonus question.

We then went out to the Capilano Suspension bridge.  The view from the bridge and the surrounding forest was beautiful.

We had also taken a simulated flight over Canada complete with dangling feet and blowing wind.

 We later took a bike ride along the waterfront of the city and around Stanley Park.  While it did rain for a little bit we were able to find a dry place to wait for it to pass.

The next day we rented a small boat to see Vancouver and the surrounding area from the water.  We got far back into Vancouver Harbor and deep into the Indian Arm fjord before stopping for a picnic lunch and turning back to return the boat.

We had also taken some time at the Granville Island Public Market to do some shopping.  That night we went to the Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar.

With the sun shining, we spent the next morning with one last visit to Stanley Park.  We then went into town for a Gastronomic tour.  Our tour guide took us to many delicious restaurants starting with dim sum and ending with gelato.  We were stuffed and all the food was really good.  That night was Canada Day so we listened as people shot off fireworks over the harbor.  We were exhausted though and ready to go to bed.  We had a flight to catch the next day.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Victoria, BC

At the end of June we went to British Columbia to see Victoria and Vancouver.  We started our trip by heading out to Victoria.  We had been planning on taking a bus to get to the ferry, but as we were talking to the information desk a local from one of the islands suggested we split a cab as he was heading out there as well and it would get us to the ferry before it left.  It turned out well and it was interesting to hear about his most recent trip during the taxi ride.
After getting settled in our room we went to happy hour at the bar in our hotel.  The bartender talked to us about the history of bar tending how they were bringing back the classical style of bar tending with in-house bitters and cocktails made to suit the patron.

We then went out to dinner at a nice Italian place.  After a nice dinner out we walked around town.  It was beautiful and the weather was nice.
 The next morning we went out to the Butchart Gardens.  The manicured gardens were the most beautiful I can remember.  Everything was so green.

After the gardens we went to a cider farm where they had tastings and we had lunch.  It was fun to sample the different ciders from very dry to sweet.  Our favorite was the one right in the middle.

That evening we got some fish and chips by the fisherman's wharf and then suited up to head out on the water.  We were taking a speed boat out to spot some killer whales.  It was an amazing experience as the whales breached and played around us at times coming close to the boat.

The next morning, before taking the ferry back to Vancouver we went to Beacon Hill Park in the South of Victoria.  The park included a variety of wildlife such as deer and peacocks.  They also had a petting zoo with baby goats that Erin insisted on petting even though she had to wait for the little kids to finish playing with them.

We finally got our luggage and made the trek to Vancouver.  It was a long haul as we took a bus to the ferry and then a bus from the ferry to the train which took us downtown.  It didn't help that I had forgotten to get tickets or exact change for the second bus and we had to wait at the ferry terminal for the next bus.  We were glad to get to our hotel at the end of the day.