Sunday, May 24, 2015


Erin and I took a nice weekend away down to Salida last week. We started by driving down to Colorado Springs where we got some brunch. We then went on down South of Florence to Bishop's Castle.

This is a castle that has been built by a guy on his own land which is free to the public. It was a work in progress with exposed parapets and iron framework. The guy had a deep libertarian streak with several screeds written around the castle. It was a trippy experience.

We then drove back up and West to Salida. It was beautiful country around Westcliff, but very remote. There looked to be some cool places to climb and kayak around Cotopaxi.

Once we got to Salida we went to the town's whiskey distillery for some old fashions. It was a cool space and good drinks. We ended up staying a while playing "In a Pickle". We then took a walk up the hill south of town to enjoy the sunset. After walking back down we had some dinner and went to our hotel.

On Sunday we found a nice place for breakfast down by the river. We then went for a hike up to Brown's Creek Waterfall. It was a beautiful hike with great views of the valley. The waterfall was spectacular and a great place to have lunch. We hiked back down and headed back home. It was a short, but satisfying weekend getaway.

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